by Sundance

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Verse 1- Sojourn You know, you can only have a conversation for so long, until it becomes frustrating to even have the conversation... some cycles need to be broken. There's a chasm between us, no one can get across. The bridge is out and we shout...but our voice gets lost Drowned out by the doubt that anything's wrong at all And the fear's so near it's palpable it's much to far to fall But we've been here before... A people under siege Where unjust laws made in hate caused hangin from trees Terrorists attack the country and it's "Never Forget!" But when domestic terrorist acts are done to blacks, it's "Get Over It"? Even now as I speak about it, I can sense my own anger rise up against the wall of your denial But this isn't imagined inequity when police kill people of color and see no punishment after trial What you expect to see is a nightmare, of a life where "A Dream's Deferred" Only so long before you hear language of the unheard The fight for social justice is wounded and moving slow Mass incarceration reveals itself as The New Jim Crow, but you know... Chorus- Ocean Jade I tell him, "Daddy, don't you know that things move in cycles" (4X) Verse 2- Cardiac P I am back on this pedestal, balancin regular title illegible Street fame aint credible, all style is edible Or it least it is in the eyes of these cannibal "Hannibal Lector" competitors Unaware of the Aliens stalked by Predators Which link in the chain is the weakest, if normal is freakish And freakish is the standard accepted by all these narcoleptic Day walkers in the belly of a whale Pacing treadmills like clear and present danger stand still And discontinues the advancement for enhancin The romance between what has been, and what will come to be A strange tree produces fruit ingested by the youth So when the taste of truth is free, they'd rather pay the price for lies instead Heads try crackin surface of water, currently driftin the slaughter No consciousness for your daughters, Abraham's sons are now martyrs So what really matters walkin on this proud divide Victims to a system of cycles rejectin what's divine Chorus- Ocean Jade I tell him, "Daddy, don't you know that things move in cycles" (4X) Verse 2- Ozay Moore It's funny when you expose what's under that rug though Swept it up, hid the dust, neglect is how we control New owners take up residence but once was on the low-low And staring face to face issues of racial hatred won't go Away with legislative changes came here by the boatloads Though slavery is no mo, systemic oppression sponsored by Jim Crow Got us seeing agendas that have been here from the get go Anglo-Saxonism trappin blacks in prison we were tribal. Manifest. Destiny. Concept is so primal Colonialize the savage, shootin bullets through the Bible Hostility to the Gospel is normal due to it's nature But if they hate you cause you racist, that's not Jesus bro, it's shameful. It too, have lied and been lied to. See life is a cycle where each day reminds you why you need grace and this light inside you. If sin's the issue, then the answer is clear: We stay strivin cause there'll never be utopia here. Vamp- Ocean Jade Things go in cycles, round and round What once was lost is suddenly found Heart with my family, head in the sky Living my life like I'm ready to die (2X)


After a 2-year hiatus Illect Recordings producer, Sundance, is back with a powerful, jazzy new single some are already calling an instant classic, which nods the head while speaking passionately about the cycles of racial relations in America.

"We just collectively wanted to sit down and make something that we could all be proud of that would stand the test of time. There are a lot of conversations going on right now, and this is our contribution to that conversation. Like Sojourn said 'Some cycles need to be broken'."

Cycles features veteran MC's Sojourn (Future Shock), Cardiac P (Boombox Titans), and Ozay Moore (Lightheaded); while the hook introduces us to Sundance's 11-year old daughter, Ocean Jade (whose face we see featured on the cover). The backing band is formidable as well, with the mighty Stro Elliot on drums, Sundance's father, Ron Gollner on Upright Bass, Chris St. George on Electric Bass, Deepspace5's Sivion on Sax, Jeff Grasmick (of Manuok) on Vibes, Sundance on keys, & his brother-in-law Brett Wagner (Emerson) on Trumpet.


released August 1, 2016

Written by: R. Gollner, B. Roberson, T. Hodgens, B. Parker, O. Moore
Produced by: Sundance

Vocals: Sojourn, Ocean Jade, Cardiac P, Ozay Moore
Drums: Stro Elliot
Upright Bass: Ron Gollner
Electric Bass: Chris St. George
Saxophone: Sivion
Trumpet: Brett Wagner
Vibes: Jeff Grasmick
Keys: Ryan Gollner

Mixed by: Sundance
Mastered by: Change


all rights reserved



Illect Recordings Seattle

Hip-Hop record label founded in 2003.

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